Edit a hyperlink in Contribute

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

From time to time you may need to update a Hyperlink object. For example, you may need to update a URL address, link to a different topic, or update the Hyperlink's description.

Insert Link

Insert/Edit Link

  • To edit a hyperlink:

  1. Open the Topic containing the link you want to edit.

  2. Double-click on the hyperlink text to open the Edit Hypertext Link dialog box


    Select the hyperlink text and choose Insert/Edit Link from the Topic toolbar

  3. Depending on the type of link that was created, either the linked topic or linked URL is displayed in the appropriate Linked field

    • To edit an internal topic link: Select the link you want to change and choose Remove. Type in a new search term or topic ID and press the ENTER key. Select the topic int he results list that you want to link to.

    • To edit an Internet URL: type the full URL, add a description, and choose Update.

  4. Choose OK to save the changes to the hyperlink.