System-defined style object names

Design templates, styles, & page layouts

Most objects permit changes to their properties and names to suit the library and users. However, style objects are different because a group of styles are specifically referenced during publishing and other processes. These styles, as shown in the list, need to retain their original names in the General tab's Description field in the object properties window. Other properties for theses styles can be updated, including the Style name field on the Style Definition tab.

All of these Style objects must exist, and they must use the defined naming conventions as shown.

System defined object names

  • Body Text
  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Heading 3
  • Heading 4
  • Heading 5
  • Heading 6
  • Index 1
  • Index 2
  • Index 3
  • Index A to Z
  • Index Heading
  • Index Link
  • Related Heading
  • Related Item
  • Special Bold
  • TOC

Important: In earlier releases (such as 4.5) it was possible to rename these styles. However, from release 5.0, if the style names had been modified in an earlier release they must be updated to match the naming conventions shown in the table.

Behavior when changing style names

For the system styles, if the names in the Description field had previously been modified, those Style objects should be updated to match the listed system style names. Any Style objects currently using the listed names cannot be modified.