Styles in Author & Contribute

Design templates, styles, & page layouts

Styles for both Author and Contribute are defined in the Author module. However, the requirement for a Cascading Style Sheet definition in Contribute skews the means of defining styles between these two modules; it is important to understand this difference.

The style appearance in the topic is determined differently:

For Author

For Contribute

How the style looks in the Author topic is determined by fields in the Style Definition tab:


Note that the Style Name field in this tab is not definitive; the Style is named only in the General tab, as described below...

How the style looks in the Contribute topic is determined by fields in the Web tab:


This is because the style appearance is based on the Cascading Style Sheet's definition.

The Style is named by different means:

For Author

For Contribute

In the Author, the Style is named by the Description field in the General tab:


In Contribute, the Style is named by the Style name fieldin the Style Definition tab:


CAUTION: This Style name field is created in the CSS, so if there are two styles with the same name on the Style Definition tab, the CSS becomes confused. In this situation, the styles do not function correctly in Contribute, they cannot be listed correctly in the style drop-down list, and correct formatting is not applied.