Change inherited property settings

Design templates, styles, & page layouts

Each object has properties that describe how that object looks and behaves. Objects are usually based on an object template and inherit some of their property settings from the template. This means that you can update the settings of all related objects at once by modifying the template, and your standards will remain consistent. Modifying the template is also faster than setting each property every time you create a new object.

When the label of a setting is blue, it means the setting is inherited from the object's template. Such inherited settings cannot be directly changed. For example, when you base a Book object on the Normal template, you'll notice that the Include object in settings on the General tab are all inherited.

To change an inherited setting:

  • Base the object on a different template. Another template may have the setting you need.


  • Open the object's template, then make your change there. Author-it will update all objects based on that template. This may take a while. Think carefully before you do this, because the change may not be appropriate for all objects based on the same template.


  • Create a new object template with the correct settings. The easiest way is to create a new template based on the template most like the one you want, and then base the new template fields on "(none)" and make the required changes. Make sure the object is based on your new template. This approach is good if you want to make a change to your object's settings, but that change is not appropriate for all other objects based on the same template. You also have the option to base templates on other templates.