Basing an object template on another template

Design templates, styles, & page layouts

Base a template on another template to manage global changes, as well as to specify variations in your standards.

For example, the standard Author-it object templates for linked files, such as linked GIF and linked icon, are all based on the Linked Graphic Directory template, which only specifies the location of the directory containing all your graphic files. When you want to change the location of that directory, you make the change only in the Linked Graphic Directory template, and within seconds Author-it automatically updates that setting in all your file objects.

Note: For technical reasons, related topic groups can only be inherited once, so they aren't be inherited by a topic based on a template which is based on another template - although every other feature of the topic template will be inherited correctly.

To create an object template that can be used only to base other template objects on, add an asterisk to the end of the object template description. This means that you cannot create standard objects based on this type of template.