Create a new book

Create books

The book object represents the content and structure of a document. You can create a hierarchy by dragging other objects into a book and forming a structure. When you create a new book object, it is stored in the Library folder that is currently selected.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Structuring Content in books

To create a new book:

  1. In the main window, click Author > Create > Book.
    • To create a new book based on the same template used to create the last book, click the book icon.


    • To choose a template, click the Book drop down list.

      The Book Properties window opens.

  2. In the Description field, on the General tab, type the book title. The name is copied to the Print, Help, and Web tabs.
  3. To save the book object and close the Properties window, click OK.


    To save the book title, click Apply, and then click the Book Contents tab to add objects to the book.