Embed a topic

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The Insert embedded topic button in the Topic Toolbar can be used to place a topic inside another topic.

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To embed a topic into another topic

  1. Place the cursor at the point in the topic where you want to embed a topic.
  2. Click the Insert embedded topic button in the Topic Toolbar. The Insert embedded topic window is displayed.
  3. Click the Browse button button next to the search field to specify in which folder you want to search.
  4. In the search field, type (part of) the name of the topic to be embedded, and then click the search icon. A list of topics meeting your search criteria is displayed.
  5. Select the topic you want to embed. A preview of the topic is displayed in the right pane.
  6. Click the Insert button to embed the topic. The embedded topic is displayed with a gray background.
  7. Save the changes to the topic.

A video for this procedure is available at: https://vimeo.com/362701882