Edit a book

Contribute User Guide

After you have selected a book in the library, the book is opened and the topics in the book are displayed in the left pane. This pane shows the topics and their level in the book structure. Unlike the Author application, Contribute displays every topic in the right pane without you having to select it in the left pane. The topics can be viewed and edited in the right pane. In the right pane you can also view and edit the book properties and the properties of each topic.

Open a book for editing


Name of the opened book


Topics in the book


Content of the entire book


Book menu button


Topic properties button

In the opened book you can view and edit the book and topic properties:

  • Book properties
    Clicking the Book menu button opens the book properties for viewing and editing. You can, for example, change the name of the book.
  • Topic properties
    The Topic properties button is displayed in the top-right corner of each topic. Clicking the button allows you to change the topic name and put the topic into a review or an approval state.