Create a new user

Contribute User Guide

Each user in a library should have their own user account:

  • For security and auditing reasons
  • Because many of a user's settings and preferences are stored against a user account. If users share an account their preferences may change unexpectedly.

Important: If you update an existing library to use Active Directory Groups, you need to map the existing users to the correct Active Directory Users. Make sure you map the user before you map the group.

To add a user:

  1. From the main menu in Author-it Administrator, go to Security >User and Group Accounts...
  2. Select the Users tab.

    User and Group Accounts window - Users tab

  3. Click New.
  4. Enter a name for your user.

    Your new user is automatically selected under Author-it User.

  5. Important: If you are updating a library to use Active Directory Groups, map the existing user to the Active Directory User. If you are adding a new user leave the field blank.
  6. Click Clear Password.
  7. (optional) Change the user's password. Skip this step for Active Directory users.
    If you don't change the user's password, they won't need to enter a password the first time they log in. They'll then be able to select their own password.
  8. Specify which Group/s the new user belongs to.
  9. Repeat these steps for each new user.