Topic Web properties

Author-it Objects

The Web tab contains properties that define how each topic object publishes into HTML pages. These properties define things such as the heading, and what type of HTML page (Media object) this topic uses.

Topic - Web Tab


Define the heading that appears in the HTML page for this topic.

Start new HTML page

Determine if this topic marks the start of a new HTML page. Selecting this property starts a new page. If you don't select this option, the content in this topic appends to the previous HTML page.

Note: To use page title, page filename, or media, select the Start New HTML Page check box.

Page title

Define an alternative title for the HTML page. The information is placed in the <TITLE> tag at publishing time. If there is no specified title, the HTML Heading is used instead.

Page filename

Define an alternative filename for the HTML page. If you don't specify an extension then the system uses the default .htm, or the extension specified in the media object. If you don't specify a filename, then the system uses the object code. For example, if the code is 1234, then the filename would be 1234.htm. If you just specify an extension, then the system uses the object code as the filename with the specified extension.


Set a relationship to a Media object that defines the HTML page.

TOC image

Specify an alternative icon to use in the HTML Help table of contents. If you are not using an HTML Help table of contents in this book, then this property is ignored.

Website properties

Not supported anymore.