Topic Help properties

Author-it Objects

The Help tab contains properties that define how each topic object publishes into the Windows online Help system. The properties define things such as the topic heading, browse sequences, aliases, and the help window that the topic is in.

Topic - Help Tab


Define the heading that appears in Windows Help for this topic.


Determine if the help heading appears in the non-scrolling region of the help window.

Heading style

Set a relationship to the style object that the help heading uses.

Topic macro

Set a relationship to a macro procedure object that defines the Windows Help Macros that executes each time someone opens this topic.

Include in browse sequence

Determine if the current browse sequence includes this topic. The current browse sequence is set by the last topic to start a new browse sequence.

Start a new browse sequence

Determine if this topic marks the start of a new browse sequence. Any topics following this topic in the contents, with Include in Browse Sequence marked as on, are included in this browse sequence.