TOC Print properties

Author-it Objects

The Print tab contains properties that define how the Table of Contents object inserts a table of contents into the Microsoft Word document. These properties define things like the title, layout information, the levels of hierarchy to include, and a special feature which automatically adds the Document Super Heading of a Topic object in place of the page number.

TOC - Print Tab

TOC title

Define a title for the table of contents in the Word Document. This title has a style of "TOCTitle" automatically applied in the published Word document.


Set a relationship to a Media object that defines the page setup and layout of the table of contents section. A table of contents always starts a new section, so you must select a Media object.

Document TOC levels

Define the number of levels that show in the table of contents.

Note: The table of contents is built from the "Heading x" styles in the Word document, so if a Topic object is defined with a Document Heading Style different to "(auto)" or a style mapped to a "Heading x" style in Word, then it does not appear in the table of contents.

Include page numbers

Determine if the table of contents includes page numbers of the Word document.

Right align page numbers

Determine if the page numbers in the table of contents of the Word document are right aligned. Select Include Page Numbers for this setting to have any effect.

Add super headings

For topics which have Super Headings defined, adds the Super Heading text and numbering (for example, the words "Chapter 2") to the front of the topic's heading in the table of contents.