Release states

Author-it Objects

Release states control which content can be published, based on the release state that has been applied during the review cycle. For example, only "Released" content should be included in documents published and distributed to external customers. Content in "Draft" should not be included.

  1. From the Applies To tab in the publishing profile, select a release state from the drop-down list.


    Create a group of states using the browse [...] option.

  2. Select Warn or Enforce.
    • Enforce means all objects related to the book must be in the selected release state. Author-it cancels the publishing job if it finds any objects that are not in the selected state. The publishing log lists the objects with the invalid release states.
    • Warn lists the objects with invalid release states in the publishing log, but allows publishing to complete.

Choosing (all states) from the drop-down lists allows content in any state to be accepted, while choosing (no state) requires content to have no release states applied.