Related Topics tab

Author-it Objects

In the Related Topics tab, define one or more groups of topics that are related to this topic. These groups can be made up of specifically selected topics or special topics that are determined by Author-it at publishing time.

At publishing time these groups become a list of links that may be used for navigation though your printed or online content.

Related Topics Tab

Related group list

This is a list of all the related topic groups in this topic. If the word "(inherited)" appears at the end of the group name then that group is inherited from the template that this topic is based on. This list contains two columns:

  • Group Heading: displays the name of the group. This name cannot be changed. You must delete the group and create a new group to change the name.
  • Sequence: determines the order that one group has to others.

Click on a group to display its properties.

Related group heading

This specifies the name and heading of the related group. This field can only be used to specify the name of a new related group. Existing group names cannot be changed. Enter a name of up to 255 characters long.

Related group sequence

Determine the sequence in which a related group appears in this topic. Enter a numerical value in this field.

Add related group

Add a new related group to the topic.

Type in a name for the group in the Related Group Heading field, then click Add.

Remove related group

Remove an existing related group from this topic.

Select the related group you want to delete, then click Remove.

Copy related topics

Copy an existing related group to this topic from another topic.

Click Copy... then select one or more groups to copy.