Publishing profile Actions tab

Author-it Objects

Actions trigger processes that run automatically before and/or after publishing.

Note: Actions are not currently editable in Author-it Cloud; log a support call to discuss your requirements if you need these actions.


Selecting an action link displays a window where you add the required information, such as files, locations, or login information. When the information has been added the window closes and the action is added to the Actions List.

Standard actions include:

  • Files: copy, move, or delete files
  • Zip: used to zip files into an archive
  • Command Line: execute user defined functionality through the standard command line
  • FTP: transfer files to a remote location
  • XSL Transform: process user defined XSLTs
  • WebDav: used to move/upload documents to a web server or web share
  • Book XML: can be added to any profile; used to create an XML file for the book in addition to the output specified by the profile

Each action is described in more detail in the following topics.

Actions List

Use the Actions List to tell Author-it when the action should be performed.

Note: When you save an action it is added to the After Publishing list. To move the action to the Before Publish list, select the action and click the Move Up arrow.