Plain HTML tab

Author-it Objects

The Plain HTML tab determines how Author-it publishes a table of contents as a set of plain HTML pages or DHTML pages, rather than as an HTML Help component. This tab is only available when the HTML TOC Type property is set to Plain HTML or DHTML.

Note: If you are publishing your content as an HTML Help file, selecting this option causes the publishing to abort.

Plain HTML Tab


Type of table of contents published:

  • A table of contents made from plain HTML pages or DHTML pages


  • An HTML Help table of contents (requires the HTML Help ActiveX or Java Applet component)

Note: Make sure that the type of index matches - either Plain HTML, DHTML, or HTML Help.


Sets a relationship to a Media object that defines the HTML page. A table of contents always starts a new HTML page, so you must select a Media object.

Contents display

How Author-it displays the HTML contents page:

  • in a separate frame displayed beside the main document using a frameset created by Author-it
  • as a full separate page
  • in a separate frame named "TOC" using a custom frameset defined by the book containing the Table of Contents object

Use custom frameset defined in book

Width of the frame that the HTML contents display in, as a percentage of the total browser width.

HTML Help template

Defines the HTML file used as the HTML Help contents template. The default template hh_toc.htm is in the Templates/HTML Help folder.

Click Edit to open and edit the selected template using Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.