Object-to-object relationships

Author-it Objects

There are many object-to-object relationships in Author-it. The following descriptions list a few of the important relationships you'll work with most often when working with your content.

The Book object has direct relationships to the objects used to create the content, that is the objects that can be placed in the book's content pane to created the content's structure. The book also has a relationship to the publishing profile which controls additional options used during publishing.

Book Relationships

The Media object has direct relationships with the objects that rely on the Media object to control page layout, such as margins, page size, section breaks, and headers and footers.

Media Object Relationships

The Style object has direct relationships with the topic and file objects. These objects use the style object to control text and content layout within the page.

Style Relationships

The File object has direct relationships with the topic object and title page object. Both of these objects can include graphics which are inserted using the file object.

File Object Relationships

The Hyperlink object has direct relationships with several objects. The Hyperlink object is used to create links within topic text (for example, topic to topic, or topic to URL), but can also be used in File objects to create a link from the graphic. Hyperlink objects also have a relationship to the Index object as they can be used to create entries in the document's index.

Hyperlink Relationships