Media Web properties

Author-it Objects

The Web tab contains properties that define the actual HTML page that your information on which your information displays. These properties define things like, metadata, page background, and the colors of text.

Media - Web Tab

Page title

Defines the title text of the HTML page. Every HTML page must have a title which appears in the title bar of the browser window. If you do not specify the title, the Book object uses the HTML title.

HTML template

Specifies the file name and path of the precoded HTML template. Must be a valid HTML file with the <aitdata> place holder. If specified, Author-it uses the filename instead of creating its own page.

Additional files (media)

Specifies a list of additional files required to support the HTML template. These are any files referenced by the HTML template, such as a graphic. Author-it copies all files specified to the publishing folder when publishing HTML or HTML based Help. An error appears if any of these files cannot be found. Author-it supports relative or fixed paths.

Metadata list

Shows a list of metadata for this HTML page. Each entry creates a <META> tag, which conveys meta-information about the content.

Metadata name

Defines the name of the selected item in the Meta Data List.

Prefix the Name property of your meta data with an exclamation mark (!) to use the HTTP-EQUIV instead of the NAME attribute.

Metadata content

Defines the content of the selected item in the Metadata List.

Background image

Defines a link to an image file which the (tiled) background of the HTML page uses. This property supports relative folders.

Background image non-scrolling

Determines if the background image is non-scrolling. If this property is selected the background image doesn't scroll with the text of the page.

Background sound

Defines a link to a WAV sound file (.wav) that plays in the background when the HTML page opens. This property supports relative folders.

Background sound auto-replay

Determines if the background sound replays continuously while the HTML page is open.

Background color

Defines the background color of the HTML page.

Note: If you defin a background image and it cannot be displayed, this color is used instead. For this reason, the background color should be carefully chosen to match the intended background image.

Body text color

Defines the default color of the normal body text on the HTML page.

Unvisited links color

Defines the color of the unvisited hypertext links on the HTML page.

Note: Do not set Unvisited Links Color and Visited Links Color to the same color, it will confuse visitors.

Visited links color

Defines the color of the visited hypertext links on the HTML page.

Active link color

Defines the color of the hypertext link currently being selected on the HTML page.