Linking Tab

Author-it Objects

The Linking tab contains properties to define linking options that can apply to embedded pictures, linked pictures, video multimedia files, or OLE objects in the Windows Help system. Linking options do not apply to Coded RTF.

Linking Tab

Image Hypertext Link

Sets a relationship to a Hypertext Link object that defines the hyperlink that will be applied to the image of Windows Help, HTML or HTML based Help for this file. Unlike coded HTML or WinHelp RTF, the graphic or image does not simply act as the anchor for a hyperlink which is just part of the text. It is a separate relationship to the File object itself. If the File object is reused, the link also applies to each instance. Likewise, if the hyperlink in the File object is changed, it will apply automatically to all instances of the File object.

Note: This property applies to both Windows Help and HTML. Changes to one will also affect the other.