Index Print properties

Author-it Objects

The Print tab contains properties that define how the Index object appears in an index in your print document. These properties define things like the title, layout information, and where to build the index from. Author-it builds a basic index for you automatically from every heading and cross reference in the document.

Index - PrintTab

Index Title

Defines a title for the index in the Word Document. This title has a "Heading 1" style automatically applied in the published Word document.


Sets a relationship to a Media object that defines the page setup and layout of the Index section. An index always starts a new section, so you must select a Media object.

Right Align Page Numbers

Determines if the page numbers in the index of the Word document are right aligned.

Index Type

Allows you to choose the type of index to create: indented - usual - or run-in - older type, not used commonly.

Build Index From

Determines what entries Author-it includes in the index. Choose one or more options:

  • Index Entries will include entries defined in the Index Contents pane.
  • Topic Heading will include an entry for each Print tab topic heading in the book.
  • Cross References will include an entry for the referenced topic, at the point from where it is referenced.