Index Object Plain HTML tab

Author-it Objects

The Plain HTML tab is only available when you set the HTML Index type property Plain HTML, and defines how Author-it publishes a plain HTML index page.

Author-it publishes a pure HTML index on a single page with the following features:

  • Single column format: Displays the index page in a single column format with the entries indented based on level, and the links display indented below the entry they apply to.
  • Dynamic A-Z Jumps: Creates A to Z jumps directly beneath the heading. This includes items outside A to Z such as #,!,%, numbers, etc. It does not create hyperlinks to alphabetic headings that do not appear in the index, instead it just uses a placeholder.
  • Styles: Author-it uses "Heading 1" for the index title, "IndexHeading" for the A to Z headings, "Index1" through "Index9" for the different level of index entries, "IndexLink" for the link from each entry, and "IndexAtoZ" for the A to Z jumps list. If any of these styles do not exist, that part of the index appears in plain text.

Index - Plain HTML Tab

Index Type (Plain/HTML Help)

What type of index publishes:

  • A plain HTML index page


  • An HTML Help index, which requires the HTML Help ActiveX or Java Applet component

Note: Make sure that the type of table of contents matches either Plain HTML or HTML Help.

HTML Index Media

Sets a relationship to a Media object that defines the HTML page setup of the index page. An index always starts a new HTML page, so you must select a Media object.

HTML Help Index Template

Defines the HTML file used as the HTML Help index template. The default template "JavaIndex.htm" is found in the Templates/HTML Help folder. Click Edit to open and edit the selected template in Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.

Note: To edit the template, the HTML Workshop (hhw.exe) must be installed on the computer.