Hypertext Link Help properties

Author-it Objects

The Help tab contains properties that define how each Hyperlink object will be published into the Windows 95/98 or Windows NT/2000 on-line Help system. The properties define how the jump will appear and behave. They include things like if it will be a jump or a popup, and if an underline, or button will be displayed.

Hypertext Link - Help Tab

Jump Type

Allows you to choose how the hypertext link will be inserted into Windows Help.

Jump Window

Sets a relationship with a Media object that defines the help window that the topics will be displayed in for this jump.

Include Button Before Hotspot

Determines if a WinHelp button will precede the hotspot text in the topic. This button is similar to the one that precedes the Related Topics section.

Remove Hotspot Underline

Determines if the coloring and the underline will be removed from the hotspot. By default all jumps in Windows Help have an underline and are colored, usually green.