Help properties

Author-it Objects

As the Macro Procedure object is a Windows Help-only object, the Help tab contains properties that list the WinHelp 4.0 Macros and the order in which they will be executed. When published, Author-it creates the correct help macros.

Macro Procedure - Help Tab

Macro Action List

Contains a list of all the macro actions that execute when this Macro Procedure object is called.

Macro List

Choose from a list of valid WinHelp 4.0 macros. When you select one, a list of its parameters appear in the Macro Parameter List. To define a custom action, for example from a DLL, click the "(custom)" item.

Macro Parameter

Displays a list of all the parameters associated with the macro chosen from the Macro List. Select a value for the parameter in the Macro Parameter Value property.

Macro Value

Defines the value for the parameter selected in the Macro Parameter List. Some values have a list of values for you to choose from, others will require a text or numeric input. If you selected "(custom)" from the Macro List, enter the entire command including any quotation and parameters required.