Glossary Web properties

Author-it Objects

The Web tab contains properties that define how the Glossary object will publish a glossary page in HTML. These properties define the title, the HTML page setup, and how Author-it will create links, from occurrences of definitions throughout the HTML pages, to the glossary.

Glossary title

Defines a title for the glossary in the HTML pages. This title has a "Heading 1" style automatically applied in the published HTML. If a Style object with the same name exists, its CSS definition will be used.


Set a relationship to a Media object that defines the HTML page setup of the Glossary page. A glossary always starts a new HTML page, so you must select a Media object.

Definition links

Allows you to choose how Author-it will build the definitions links to the Glossary page from occurrences of the glossary terms throughout the text of the HTML. Three buttons control these options:

Don't create definition links

Create links for the first occurrence of a definition in each topic

Create links for all definitions

Glossary - HTML Tab