Glossary Print properties

Author-it Objects

The Print tab contains properties that define how the Glossary object will insert a glossary into the Word document. These properties define the title, layout information, whether Author-it will automatically insert alphabetic headings, and whether glossary terms will be sorted.

Glossary title

Defines a title for the glossary in the printed document. The glossary title has a "Heading 1" style automatically applied in the Word document.


Sets a relationship to a Media object that defines the page setup and layout of the glossary section. A glossary always starts a new section, so you must select a Media object.


This section consists of the following two buttons:

Add alphabet headings

Determines if Author-it will automatically add alphabet (A-Z) headings to the glossary terms. A "Glossary Heading" style is automatically applied in the Word document.

Sort glossary terms

Determines if the glossary terms are alphabetically (A-Z) sorted in the Word document.

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