Cross Reference tab

Author-it Objects

The Cross Reference tab is only available when the Insert Link As property is set to Cross Reference, and defines how the links in the Hypertext links tab will be converted into page number cross references in the published document.

Cross Reference Tab

Reference Text

Defines the text that will precede the cross reference. For example you might enter "see", or "refer to".

Reference Heading Text

Allows you to choose when the Print Heading of the topics being referenced will be inserted into the cross reference. The Reference Text is only included when the heading is inserted.

Reference Page Number

Determines if a page number is inserted for the cross reference. If selected, you can also enter some text to precede the page number. For example you might enter "on page".

Enclose all References in Brackets

Determines if all the cross references are enclosed in brackets. If more than one reference is created, each will be separated by a comma, but the group will be enclosed in brackets.