Commonly used objects

Author-it Objects

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These are the Author-it objects that you'll use most often:

  • Topic: A small section of your document's contents, which usually contains a heading, paragraphs of text, and perhaps tables, graphics, and other objects. Each topic usually corresponds to one "page" in Windows Help, although there may be many topics in a single page in your printed or HTML output formats. icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Using Topic Object Templates
  • File: A graphic or other external file type that Author-it includes when you publish your document. Author-it's File object holds settings like scale and captions, and either the name of the external file or the actual embedded graphic. icon_OpenNewWindowVideos: File Objects |Using File Object Templates
  • Style: A formatting component that controls how text appears in a published document. icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Working with Style Objects
  • Media: A formatting component that controls section-level, page-level, and window-level formatting in published outputs. icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Working with Media Objects
  • Table of Contents: An auto-generated list of a document's contents, added when the document is published.
  • Glossary: A list of definitions for specialized terms in a document.
  • Index: A list of terms and synonyms in a publication that helps users find the content for which they're looking.