Book Contents toolbar in Author

Author-it Objects

Use the Book Contents toolbar to manage the structure of your content, and to add or remove objects from the book.

Book Properties menu

Right-click the book object and open the Properties. This menu is displayed on the Book Contents tab.

Properties Book Contents Toolbar

Editor menu

This menu is displayed above the Table of Contents when a book is opened in the Editor.

Book Contents Toolbar Editor



Promotes the selected object to be at the same level as its parent in the hierarchy.



Demotes the selected object to be the first child of the object immediately preceding it in the hierarchy.

Move Up

Move up

Moves the selected object before its preceding object in the hierarchy.

Move Down

Move down

Moves the selected object after the object following it in the hierarchy.



Only available in the Book Properties view. Expands the hierarchy to reveal the children of the selected object.



Only available in the Book Properties view. Collapses the hierarchy to hide the children of the selected object.

Expand All

Expand all

Expands the entire contents hierarchy to reveal all objects.

Collapse All

Collapse all

Collapses the entire contents hierarchy to hide all but the top level objects.



Only available in the Book Properties view. Opens the selected object in a new window.



Removes the selected object and all of its descendants from the contents of the Book. When you remove an object from a Book, Author-it will prompt you to permanently delete it from the Library if it has no relationships with other objects.

Save Book

Save book

Saves the Book structure.


New topic

Only available in the Editor. Used to create a new topic in the book. The drop-down menu displays a list of templates to choose from. The selected template is remembered and used by each new topic created in the book until a new template is selected.


Show topic pane

Only available in the Editor when the object details are displayed. Displays the book's content pane and the topic editing pane.


Show details

Only available in the Editor when the topic editing pane is displayed. Displays the details of the objects in the book, including the object template, modified date, status, and release state.

Lock Book Contents

Lock book contents

Locks (or unlocks) the book contents to protect against accidental changes.

Note: This setting is applied at user-level rather than library level. When selected, the setting is applied against all books that user has open in the library; other users are not affected by the selection. When the setting is applied most of the other options on the toolbar are disabled (the exceptions are the expand and collapse and show details options).