Author-it reuse methods

Author-it Objects

Reuse enables you to create content once and reuse it in many different publications for a wide variety of purposes. This section describes best practices for content reuse in Author-it.

All of these reuse options can be used:

  • Object reuse: The component-based nature of Author-it objects enables you to reuse an object from anywhere in your library in any book, as many times as you need.
  • Xtend: Provides popup suggestions for content in your library, which enables component reuse at a granular level.
  • Variables: You can set up variables that have different values in different situations. Variables can have different values assigned for different objects, which enables you to use a single variable in multiple objects, but assign different values to objects depending on how they are used.
  • Embedding content: This is a quick method for reusing content to ensure that your messaging stays consistent throughout all of your documents. If you change anything in the source document, the embedded topics all change as well.
  • Auto headings: Heading levels are determined by a topic's hierarchy in a book. You can reuse the same topic at different levels in different books, and the heading will have the correct format.
  • Include/exclude objects from output: By using the Include object in checkbox, you can include an object in Print output, but not any of the online outputs. This enables you to publish conditionally based on output type.
  • Books in books: By creating subbooks, you can organize your content so that it always appears with the same hierarchy. You can bundle a section into a book, and then reuse that book in multiple outputs.
  • Publishing profiles:Authors use these objects to define the rules for publishing content to Files. The rules enable you to publish your content based on the actual deliverable, rather than the output type.