Author-it Objects

Author-it Objects

Author-it uses an object-oriented system to help you work more efficiently. Everything you create in Author-it is an object — topics, styles, hyperlinks, images and audio/video, publications and publication structures, and more. When you create a document, you'll assemble these objects into a book, which you can publish to a variety of different outputs (such as PDF or HTML).

This object-oriented system has several advantages:

  • Authors can reuse objects to save time and money and ensure all documents publish with consistent standards
  • Author-it can show authors where and how an object is being used, so they can check the impact of a change before they make it. For example, if an author is changing the text inside a topic, they can check how many books that topic is inside it.
  • Administrators can manage the permissions, visibility, workflow, versioning, and history of every object independently.

Author-it objects

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