Action options

Author-it Objects

Copy or move files

Create a copy or moves the selected files in a new location. Copy or move the selected file to the publishing folder, or copy selected files from the publishing folder to another location. Using wildcard characters, copy all files in a specific format, for example, *.gif.

Note: Depending on the operating system, "inherited" object permissions may be affected when you copy or move objects to another location. If the permissions are affected, subsequent actions that use the objects may also be affected.

Output file configuration

Define the file that opens after publishing has completed. Use this with any post publishing conversion to open a new file format rather than the format type selected in the "Applies to" tab. This action is also used in conjunction with the Copy or Move tabs to open the selected file from a different location, instead of the default publishing folder.

Delete Files

Delete all files from the publishing folder, or delete specific files.

Zip Files

After publishing has completed, zip the files and move them to a new location. You can add the files to an existing zip file, or the action can create a new zip file.

Command Line

Run batch files before and after publishing.

File Transfer

Transfer files to a remote location after publishing.

XSL Transformation

Run a transformation file over the published output.


Edit and manage content on remote web servers. Use the WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) action to transfer files to a WebDAV server.


Create an XML file for the book being published. The XML file contains the object settings and topic content.