Update Review & Localize

Author-it Modules Installation & Update Guide

Review and Localize are additional modules that can be purchased for Author-it On-Premises. Update Review and Localize with each new release to ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes.


  • Your environments have the latest version of Author installed.

  • Note: Author, Review, and Localize must be on the same version.

  • Your Author-it library is the latest version.

    When you update or upgrade Author, you may need to upgrade your Author-it library. We recommend checking if a library upgrade is required whenever you upgrade Author. Library upgrades are infrequent, but if one is required, not upgrading may prevent your authors from using Author.

    1. Log in to one of your workstations.

    2. Download the required installation files from the Author-it Community website:


    3. Close all other Windows programs.

      This lets Author-it update essential components which are shared by other programs.

    4. Run Author-it.msi.

      This updates Author on this workstation.

    5. On the same workstation, open Author-it Administrator and log in to the library.

      Author-it Administrator tells you if a library upgrade is required.

    6. If a library upgrade is required, back up your library.

    7. Ensure all users are signed out of Author.

    8. Perform the library upgrade.

  • Your application servers have the latest version of Service Manager installed.

  1. Log in to your web application server as an administrator.

  2. In IIS Manager, stop the following application pools:

    • InternalAPI

    • WebAppPools

      Note: The InternalAPI pool is also used by Contribute.

  3. Go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot.

  4. Create a backup of the files in your WebApplications and InternalAPI folders. Keep these files as a backup until you've completed the update and performed testing.

    Keeping a backup of the existing files enables you to quickly restore Review and Localize if you have any problems with the update; to restore your existing installation, put the backups into the folders they were in originally.

  5. Delete all files in your existing WebApplications and InternalAPI folders.

    Deleting these files ensures that if the new version of Review or Localize uses different files to your previous installation, the old files will be removed after you've completed the update.

  6. Download the required installation files from the Author-it Community website, unzip them, then open the unzipped folder.

    Note: The folders inside the installation files may have slightly different names than in your current installation. Keep the names your installation has currently.

  7. Copy the files from the new version of the WebApplications folder into your existing WebApplications folder.

  8. Copy the files from the new version of the InternalAPI folder into your existing InternalAPI folder.

  9. In the WebApplications folder, do one of the following:

  10. In the InternalAPI folder, do one of the following:

  11. In IIS Manager, restart the application pools that you stopped.