Update Author plugins

Author-it Modules Installation & Update Guide

Plugins offer extra functionality for Author. We recommend updating your plugins whenever you update Author, to ensure compatibility.

  1. Download the required installation files from the Author-it Community website:


  2. Go to Desktop_Applications_20XX_RX > Plugins.

  3. Check if the folder contains your plugins. If your plugin is missing, contact the plugin supplier directly to see if an update is required.

  4. Close Author. If your environment uses library plugins, ensure all workstations close Author.

  5. Go the folder that contains your plugins.

    The folder's location will depend on whether your workstations use library level plugins or user level plugins.

  6. Make a copy of each plugin folder that needs to be updated.

    The plugins may contain customized configuration files. Creating a copy of the plugin folder ensures you can replace the plugin's default configuration files with the customized files, if required.

  7. Replace the contents of each plugin folder with the corresponding files from the new installation file.

  8. Replace the plugin folders' configuration files with the configuration files in the copied folders.