Install Xtend

Author-it Modules Installation & Update Guide

Xtend is a module that can be purchased for Author-it On-Premises. To use Xtend, you'll need to install Author-it Service Manager. Author-it Service Manager controls the Xtend Indexing Service.


  • An Xtend license. To get an Xtend license, contact your Author-it sales representative.

  1. Install Author-it Service Manager on your application services server.

    Author-it Service Manager is used to set up Author-it services, which are required for a number of Author-it applications and functions.


    • Active Directory has a domain administrator called (aitservice) that is in the local administrator group.

    • You’re able to add Windows Server Roles and Features to your applications servers.

    • You have full administrative access to your applications servers, or an administrator is available.

    • Install Service Manager

    1. Log in to your application services server.

    2. Download the required installation files from the Author-it Community website, unzip them, then open the unzipped folder.

      The Service Manager installation file (Author-it Service.msi) is included in the same download as the Author installation files.

    3. Open Author-it Service.msi.

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

    • Configure the Author-it service

    Author-it Service Manager uses the Author-it service to set up other Author-it services. To run, the Author-it service requires specific permissions on both the application services and database server. We recommend using the account aitservice.

    1. Log in to your application services server.

    2. Open Services (In windows explorer, go to Control Panel\System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services).

    3. Right-click the Author-it Service and select Properties.

    4. Select Log On.

    5. Select This account and enter the details for the aitservice account.

    6. Click OK.

    7. Restart the service.

  2. Start the Author-it Service.

  3. Add your library to Author-it Service Manager.

  4. Start the Xtend indexing service.

    Enabling Author-it services is a critical part of installing a number of Author-it modules and functions, which require them to run.

    You'll need to add your library to Service Manager before enabling Service Manager services.

    • Add a library to Service Manager:

    1. Open Author-it Service Manager.

    2. Click Add Library.

    3. Click the SQL Server tab and connect to your SQL library using a user with full access to the database.

    4. Click OK.

    The library is added to your libraries list with separate entries for each service.

    • Enable Service Manager services to start automatically:

    1. In Author-it Service Manager, right-click each service in your library and select Configure Service.

    2. Enable Start Automatically.

    3. Save.

    • Enable Service Manager services:

    In Author-it Service Manager, right-click each service in your library and select Start Service.

  5. Configure the Xtend indexing service to start automatically.

  6. Restart the Author-it Service.

    Restarting the Author-it service saves the changes you've made to your Author-it services. This ensures your Author-it services' settings won't change if the server restarts.

  7. Open your library using Author-it Administrator.

  8. From the main menu select Settings > Xtend Settings.

  9. Check your library is indexed.

    When Paragraphs Indexed is 100%, the library is fully indexed and Xtend is active. If the percentage is less than 100%, Xtend isn't active.

    Author-it Administrator Xtend Settings

    The Xtend indexing service may take a long time to index large libraries.