Author-it On-Premises requirements overview

Author-it Modules Installation & Update Guide

Author-it On-Premises installations require the following environments and servers. Using separate environments for each server will allow you to increase server capacity, as required.




  • Author-it users use workstations to access Author-it modules, including Author, Localize, Review, and Contribute.

  • Author is installed on workstations.

  • Author uses workstations to process local publishing jobs. Author uses publishing servers to process remote publishing jobs.

Database server

Author-it libraries are installed on database servers. Author-it libraries contain all of the content you create in Author-it.

Web application server

Web applications, such as the Localize, Review, and Contribute modules, are installed on web application servers.

Application services server

  • Author-it Service Manager is installed on application services servers.

  • Application services servers run Author-it services, including the Author-it Service. These services perform back-end processes such as Xtend indexing, and review scheduling and notifications.

  • If an application services server runs the Publishing service, then it's also a publishing server.

Publishing server

  • Author-it Service Manager is installed on publishing servers.

  • Publishing servers run the Publishing service. The Publishing service processes remote publishing jobs and publishing jobs for Contribute.

  • If an application services server runs other Author-it services, then it's also an application services server.