Application services server requirements

Author-it Modules Installation & Update Guide

Application services servers have Author-it Service Manager installed on them and run one or more Author-it services. These services perform back-end processes such as Xtend indexing, and review scheduling and notifications.

Having your workstations and application services servers in separate environments places less load on your workstations, which makes them less likely to experience performance issues. For example, authors are less likely to experience slow response times from the Author application.

We recommend installing one instance of application services per 20 authors and installing no more than three instances per server.

Application services server requirements

Hardware and software

  • CPU: 2-way Quad Core Xeon

  • RAM: 8 GB

  • OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or later (64-bit only)

  • .NET Framework 4.8


  • Ports

    • 25 Open for outbound connections.

      The Reviewer service sends emails via this port.