Possible causes for publishing failing

Author-it Honeycomb User Guide

Metadata not resolved because variables are not defined

All slide types have their own HTML template in the Honeycomb\types folder. The HTML template has references to Author-it variables. If one of these variables do not exist, publishing fails.

The example below shows an example of Author-it output that cannot be processed by Honeycomb. The variable Sys_keywords is not resolved. Make sure that the variable sys_keywords exists in your library.

File path too long

In case that publishing fails, make the book description and publishing profile description shorter. Because of the way Honeycomb works, long descriptions may make file paths too large for Windows systems (Windows max filename path limitation is 256 characters). In that case Honeycomb cannot finish publishing properly, and you will notice that not all Honeycomb folders have been copied to the publishing folder. See Honeycomb Publishing for correct output folders.