Metadata for Honeycomb publishing

Author-it Honeycomb User Guide

For Honeycomb publishing, metadata is included to make sure that the different slide types publish correctly. The following metadata is used:

Metadata name


Author-it input

Possible values


Scorm version

scorm_version variable

1.2, 2004, xapi, 1.2_xapi, 2004_xapi


Values are written to the metadata.xml file during publishing

sys_keywords variable

any text value


Locale names as defined in Localize

sys_locale variable

English (United States), German (Germany), etc.


Locale abbreviation, is used for metadata.xml file, and is used for Honeycomb user interface selection

sys_locale_abbreviation variable

en, fr, etc.


Defines the transition time of the elements within a slide, in seconds.

ItemTransitionTime variable

Time in seconds


Defines the slide type, e.g. accordion or carousel

The topic template is linked to a media object that is related to a HTML file that defines the value.

Hv_accordion_h for the horizontal accordion

Hv_accordion_v for the vertical accordion

Hv_assessment_group_spin for the spinner assessments

Hv_assessment_group for the standard assessment

Hv_buttons_images for the buttons with images

Hv_buttons_plain for the buttons

Hv_carousel for the carousel

Hv_child for the child topics of the Honeycomb slides

Hv_closed_caption for audio transcripts

Hv_conversation for the conversation

Hv_feedback_correct for the feedback correct topic

Hv_feedback_incorrect for the feedback incorrect topic

Hv_feedback_tryagain for the feedback try again topic

Hv_flipcards for flip cards

Hv_flipbook for the flip book

Hv_glossary for the glossary

Hv_kc_dnd_sequence for knowledge check drag and drop sequence

Hv_kc_dnd_categorize for knowledge check drag and drop categorization

Hv_kc_dnd_121_nofb for knowledge check drag and drop 1 to 1 immediate feedback

Hv_kc_dnd_121 for knowledge check drag and drop 1 to 1

Hv_kc_group for assessment groups

Hv_kc_mcss for knowledge check multiple choice single selection

Hv_kc_mcms for knowledge check multiple choice multiple selection

Hv_static for standard slides

Hv_snippets for snippets slide

Hv_transition for text Image slides

Hv_transcript for audio transcripts

Hv_timeline for timeline slides