Carousel slides in Honeycomb

Author-it Honeycomb User Guide

Use carousel slides in Honeycomb courses to display several images next to each other. For example, the carousel can display participants of a project or department managers and serve as an introduction to familiarize the learner with key personnel. Lines of text can serve as a caption below each image.

A carousel can also function as a navigation tool; each image in the carousel can have a caption with a hyperlink that points to another part of the training.


To create a carousel slide:

To add a carousel to a course:

  1. Create one slide topic (parent) based on the Carousel template.
  2. Place the slide topic at Level 1 in the book contents.
  3. For each image, create a content topic based on any template (except the special Honeycomb templates) or reuse an existing topic.
  4. Place the content topic as a child element to the slide topic, to provide a short caption for each image.

    A carousel slide must have at least three images. If each is to have a caption, then three content topics would be required.

    This example shows how your slide structure would look when the slide and elements are placed correctly.

    The next part is just like the image buttons that we looked at earlier.

  5. In the parent slide topic, include a file object for each of the carousel images in consecutive paragraphs, and then apply the ClickableImage style.

The number of images and content topics must match. When you publish, Author matches the images to the content topics in the same order; so, the first image is matched to the first content topic, and so on.