Validating content

Add and manage content

Structured authoring uses rules and validation to ensure content is uniform. Rules are linked to the template using the structure builder, and flow through to all books or topics based on the templates.

Each rule in the structure builder maps to one or more paragraphs in the topic, or objects in the book. The rule's properties define where and how many times content or objects are used. When all of the rule's properties have been met the book or topic is validated.

Validation occurs at two levels, rule and object (book or topic):

Rule-level validation occurs when content can be successfully mapped to a rule. Validation can be viewed when have the book open in the Editor and you use the Rules tab.

Object-level validation occurs when all of the rules in the book or topic have been validated. Object level validation status is displayed in the folder and search results object lists.

Note: Validation will not occur if additional content outside of the rules is added to the book or topic.

The author uses the Rules tab in the Editor to check that content is valid and conforms to each of the rules in the structure