User guide chapters in a multilevel structure

Add and manage content

A group is created in the structure for topics used to add "user guide" information to the product guide. The group is created when a rule is demoted creating a parent/child relationship. The "user guide" chapter has two parent/child relationships - one beginning with the Chapter rule and the other beginning with the Concept rule.

Content or style guide rules

  • The product guide in the example requires at least one chapter of "user guide" content in the book following the first chapter.
  • The "user guide" chapters enable overview topics briefly describing functionality, concept topics, and procedure topics to be added to the book.
  • The procedure topics should only be added after concept topics, and not directly after chapter or overview topics.
  • The procedure topics should be demoted one level below the concept topics. The concept topics describe a function, an aspect of its use, or a task. The procedure topics provides the steps to complete a task.
  • The use of extra overview topics, concept topics, and procedure topics is optional because the layout of chapters can vary depending on the functionality.

Structure rules

Subsequent Chapter Rules

Group settings

The main group settings are taken from the Chapter Rule. A minimum of one occurrence of the group must be used (a topic based on the Chapter Rule and a topic based on the First Overview Rule are mandatory if the chapter is used). The sequence is fixed so these chapters must be added after the First Chapter.

The second group setting is taken from the Concept Rule. This group is created from the parent and child relationship between the Concept and Procedure rules. The group is optional, and is set to Flexible (the Concept and Overview Topic rules are both Flexible and are listed adjacently in the structure so their order can be swapped).


  • Rule 7: Chapter Rule

    At least one "user guide" chapter must be added to the book. The "maximum" occurrence is set to unlimited, allowing any number of additional chapters to be used. Location sequence is Fixed - must be added directly after the last topic in the First Chapter. Allowed object - the topic must be based on the Chapter template.

  • Rule 8: First Overview Topic

    One topic must be added after each Chapter topic, the location sequence is Fixed. The topic content must be demoted to create a parent/child relationship in the book's content pane.

    This rule is created to ensure that a concept topic cannot be added directly after the chapter topic.

  • Rule 9: Overview Topic

    Inclusion of additional overview topics is optional. There is no limit on the number of topics allowed. Location sequence is set to Flexible, so the order in the book can be swapped with the Concept group. All Overview topics must be demoted so they are children of the Chapter topic.

  • Rule 10: Concept Topic

    Inclusion of Concept topics is optional. There is no limit on the number of topics allowed. Location sequence is set to Flexible - the order of the Concept and Overview topics can be swapped in the book's content pane.

    The Concept and Procedure rules have a parent/child relationship forming a sub group within the chapter. Procedure topics must always follow Concept topics.

  • Rule 11: Procedure Topic

    Inclusion of Procedure topics is optional, but when used they must follow Concept topics. There is no limit on the number of topics allowed. Location sequence is set to Fixed - when used the Procedure topic must follow a Concept topic.