Type in languages other than English

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Use the Author-it input method editor (IME) when you want to type languages other than English in your topics.

A language bar appears at the top of Author-it's main window, Library Explorer, as a small gray box next to the Help link. For most users, the text in the language bar will start off as EN English (United States). Selecting a language other than English updates the language name and expands the language bar horizontally to show multiple helper tools.

To type in languages other than English:

  1. On your computer, set or reset the IME properties of the operating system to alphanumeric.

    Your exact procedure will depend on your operating system and whether you've installed a language pack. If it is necessary, review the instructions for your computer's operating system.

  2. In Author-it, click the language bar to expand it, and then select a language in the list.
  3. Continue typing in your selected language. If it is necessary, use the helper tools in the language bar to refine your options.