Topic with an image

Add and manage content

The following sample structure is used to create a basic topic that allows between one and six paragraphs and an optional image. Only one child rule has been created. This rule has been included in the group rule used to add an image. No other child rules have been created, and as a result inline content can be added to the opening and additional paragraphs.

Content or style guide rules for the topic with an image

  • The topic must have an opening paragraph.
  • Where necessary one image can be added to the topic. The image must always be based on the Embedded GIF or JPG File template. The image should be in a paragraph by itself (without text or other content). The image paragraph should use the Wide Graphic style when the images used are wider than normal, otherwise use the Body Text style.
  • Additional text paragraphs can be added to the topic either before or after the image. The additional paragraphs can contain hyperlinks and variables but should not contain any images.

Structure rules

Simple Structure Topic with Image

  • Rule 1: Opening Paragraph Rule

    Allow one paragraph. Location sequence is Fixed - must be used at the start of the topic. Allowed style - Body Text.

  • Rule 2: Additional Paragraph Rule [optional]

    Use of additional paragraphs is optional, allow a maximum of five additional paragraphs. Location sequence is Flexible - must be used after the opening paragraph, but the order can be swapped with the Image rule. The rules can be swapped because the additional paragraph and image rules are both flexible and are adjacent in the structure. Allowed style - Body Text.

    Simple Structure Topic with Image Flexible Rules

  • Rule 3: Exclude Images from Additional Paragraphs Rule

    Prohibited, both minimum and maximum occurrences are set to zero.

    This File rule is used to prohibit use of images from any paragraphs validated with the additional paragraphs rule.

  • Rule 4: Paragraph Rule - Image

    Applies the formatting to the paragraph containing the image. Optional, but a maximum of one occurrence of the image "group" is allowed. Location sequence is Flexible - must be after the opening paragraph but can be swapped with the Additional Paragraphs rule. Allowed styles - Body Text or Wide Graphics.

  • Rule 5: File Rule - Embedded GIF or JPG

    When rule is used one image must be added. Location is Fixed - the image must be the first child content in the paragraph (see note). Allowed objects - Embedded JPG File Template or Embedded GIF File Template (any image can be used, or new images can be created, so long as the File object is based on one of these templates).

    Note: The Paragraph rule only contains the File rule, no other child rules have been created. When inline content does not have a child rule there are no restrictions placed on its use. This paragraph would still validate if any of the other forms of inline content were added (variables, hyperlinks, and so on). The style guide rules should be used to ensure authors don't add extra content to the paragraph.

The topic

Based on the structure rules any of the following options will validate. The content paragraphs and the image paragraph all allow the Body Text style to be used. The "additional paragraph" rule is optional, but allows up to five instances.

In this example two child rules created to handle images - one rule allows an image while the other rule prohibits the use of images. The author can add content for the "additional paragraph" rule and "image" rule in any order so long as they are used after the opening paragraph.

The images show the rule numbers that were used for validation. The "additional paragraphs" use rules two and three, and the "image paragraphs" use rules four and five.

Topic with Flexible Paragraph Rules with and without Images