Split a topic into two topics

Add and manage content

To split a topic into two topics:

  1. Open the book containing the topic you want to split.
  2. Put the cursor before the content that you want to move to a new topic; all content located after the cursor will be cut from the current topic and pasted into a new topic.
  3. Press ALT+ENTER on the keyboard to create a new topic in the open book and paste the selected content.
  4. Name the new topic and save your changes.

Important: You must open the topic you want to split from the book's TOC. This enables Author to create a new topic by using the content located after the cursor, and add the new topic to the book. ALT+ENTER won't work if you open the topic from the object list without using the book. This is because the second half of the action is to add the new topic to the book.

If the text in the topic is selected, the ALT+ENTER keyboard option is used to create an embedded topic.

Additional notes:

  • If you do not have sufficient permissions to create a topic in the current folder, a warning opens regarding permissions and the split operation is unavailable.
  • If you close the book without saving your changes, the new topic is saved in the book.
  • If you decide you do not want to split the topic, you must manually revert your changes. Copy the content back to the original topic, delete the new topic from the book, and then save your changes.