Spell checking text in an object

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The Author module has a built-in spell checker that you can use to spell check any text you enter into any Author-it object (including variable names), not just the text in a Topic object. The spell checker works the same way as those in most other authoring tools and word processors. Each user can set their own spell check preferences in a User Options window.

Tip Author can automatically spell check every property of an object when you close it. To enable this feature, open the User Options and click Spelling, and then make sure the Spell check objects on exit check box is selected.

When you are in the Editor, use the checking options on the Review tab.

To spell check an object:

  1. Start the spell checker, in the Editor, click Review > Check Spelling to check the current topic, or click Review > Check Spelling of Book to check the current book.

    The spell checker starts. Author checks all text properties in each object and prompts you if it finds any words it doesn't recognize.

  2. Respond to the spelling errors as required. When Author-it finishes checking the object or topic, a message appears advising that the spelling check is complete. Click OK to acknowledge the prompt and continue. When Author finishes checking a book, a message appears asking if your want to recheck the book. Click No to close the checker.