Single-level book

Add and manage content

The following example shows a book where all content is added to the book using a flat, single level structure. This type of structure can be used when you create a book for a Chrysalis presentation.

As you view the books in the example you'll see how the levels in the structure can be created. The flat structure in this example demonstrates the most basic of the possible structures.

Content or style guide rules for the presentation

  • The presentation book must always include a Table of Contents object. To use the correct functionality the Presentation Table of Contents object should be used.
  • Each presentation must begin with an opening slide. The Slide Title template must be used because it uses the correct layout.
  • Each presentation must have one or more content slides. The Slide template must be used. To ensure presentations don't lose focus slide show should be limited to a maximum of ten content slides.

The structure

Rules are created in the structure builder for the Table of Contents object, the slide title, and the slide content topics. This book only uses two types of topic templates, slide title and slide.

Basic Single Level Book

  • Rule 1: The Table of Contents Rule

    One Table of Contents object must be added at the start of the book. The Presentation Table of Contents object must be used.

  • Rule 2: The Slide Title Rule

    One title slide must be added to the book after the table of contents. The slide must use the Slide Title template. The location is Fixed - the title slide must be placed before the presentation content.

  • Rule 3: The Slide Rule

    At least one content slide must be added to the book after the title slide. A maximum of ten content slides can be added to the book. All content slides must be based on the Slide template. The location is fixed - the slide content must be added after the presentation's title slide.

The book

The Presentation book is created with a flat structure. The book shows where the rules were used.

Single Level Book Example

  • The Table of Contents was added at the location enforced by the structure.
  • The first topic in the book is based on the "Slide Title Rule".
  • The remaining seven topics are based on the "Slide Rule". The rule allows a maximum number of ten slide topics in this book for displaying content.