Show object relationships

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An object can have multiple relationships with other objects, and often in more than one document. Sometimes it's useful to see to which objects a particular object is related.

To show lists of associated objects:

  1. In the Library Explorer or book contents, locate the object whose associated objects you want to view.
  2. Right-click the object and click Show Relationships. The Show Object Relationships window opens, listing the related objects.

    From the Show Object Relationships window you can open, find the location of, or view the relationships for any listed object.

    In the window, right-click a listed object, and then select one of the following options:

    • Open: Opens the object.
    • Locate: Opens the folder where the object is stored and highlights it in the object list.
    • Show Relationships: Shows the relationships for the selected object in the current window. Use the Next window and Previous window arrows to move between the relationships displayed in the window.
    • Show Relationships in a New Window: Opens a new window and displays the relationships for the selected object.

      Show Relationships

Objects used by

This list includes any objects that were used to create the selected object. For example, if you select a topic, the list can include the template and Media object used by the topic, and the styles applied to the content.

Objects using

This list shows where the selected object is used. For example, if you select a topic, the list will show any books in which the topic is used. If the selected topic has been embedded, the list will show the container topics (any topics into which the selected topic was embedded).