Share an Author-it object over email

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You can quickly notify other users (sharing your network) that content is available for review by sending an email message containing a link to an object in your Author-it library. When your co-worker opens the email, all they need to do is click the link - a new instance of Author-it opens on their computer and displays the selected object.

The link works with a JET library, a SQL library using a trusted connection, and a SQL library using a non-trusted connection (when the user must log in).

Important: The recipient must have Author-it installed on their computer, and have permissions to view and/or edit the selected object.

To create an email message linking to an Author-it object:

  1. Create a message in your email program.
  2. Locate the object in the Author-it Library by using either the folder or search object lists.
  3. Select the object and drag it from the list into the open email message. When the object is dropped a link is created using the object's description.

    Note: You can only create one link at a time. If you want to include multiple links you need to drag each object separately.

  4. Complete the email by adding the recipient's address and your message text.