Set a one-to-one relationship between objects

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You will find one-to-one relationships throughout Author-it objects, often on the output tabs. These relationships are always selected in the same way.

Set One to One Relationship

To set a one-to-one relationship:

  1. Select the [...] button at the end of the property field. If you're setting a relationship to another Author-it object, the Select an Object window opens. This window may continue filling with objects even after it has opened.

    Set a One-to-One Relationship

    There are three ways you can view this window:

    • Show Details - Displays the Library Folders list in the left column, and the selected folder's contents in the right column.
    • Show Preview - Displays the Library Folders list in the left column. The right column is split, showing the selected folder's contents and a preview pane for viewing Topics and File objects. When the preview pane is displayed, you can also choose which output type you want to preview: Print, Help, or Web.
    • Show Property Sheet - Displays the selected objects properties in a list.

      If you're setting a relationship to a different type of object (for example, a publishing template), a Windows dialog box opens.

  2. Select the required object and click OK. The window closes and the object's description is added to the property field.