Set "Don't Inherit" states for properties

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When you're changing the settings of object templates, you can specify a value of "Don't Inherit" for most properties. This value tells Author-it not to inherit a value for that setting in any objects based on the object template. This is not the same as specifying a value of zero, which would be inherited as zero.

To set the "Don't Inherit" value for a property:

The method for setting this value is different for each type of property:

  • Text property: Leave it blank. Do not put any spaces in the property.
  • Check boxes: Click the check box until it is gray.
  • Option buttons: Double-click on the selected option to deselect it, leaving all options unselected.
  • Drop-down lists: Click the "(don't inherit)" setting. This should be the first setting in the list.
  • One-to-one relationship:Select as normal, and choose the "(don't inherit)" setting.
  • Color property: Set the color to white.
  • File or folder property: Leave it blank.
  • Number property: If allowed, leave it blank, otherwise set it to "0" (zero).